Hard Hats

Hard Hats

Hard Hats For Head Protection

The importance of protecting your head while you work cannot be overemphasized. One of the most common forms of workplace accidents affecting construction workers are head injuries, due to falling objects. And this always happens when it is least expected. That is why you need to protect your head when you are on the job. And hard hats are you go-to gear for this.

How Hard Hats Protect Your Head

Hard hats provide head protection by reducing the force of impact from falling objects. Made from durable materials like fiberglass and thermoplastic, hard hats, also called helmets, keep workers safe from a range of accidents that could occur during the course of their job. It is usually lightweight, with a hard outer shell and soft interior, which provides comfort for the wearer. It also has a harness that helps to secure it in place. Hard hats may also come in different shapes and styles.

UrSafeRite Full Brim Hard Hats For Sale

At UrSafeRite, we have a large stock of safety-compliant full brim hard hats that would provide you with the protection you need when on the job. We offer high quality hard hats from reputable brands, in a variety of colours, made from strong and durable materials to provide your head with proper protection.

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Which Workers Need Hard Hats?

Different kinds of outdoor workers need hard hats for various reasons, but ultimately for head protection. For example, people who work around power plants wear class E hard hats for electrical protection, to safeguard their heads when they walk under cables and other electrical hazards. Construction workers need hard hats to protect their heads from falling objects like bricks and work equipment. Other kinds of workers who need hard hats include welders, mechanics, pipefitters, warehouse personnel, and so on.

If you work any of the listed jobs, or any job that exposes your head to falling or flying objects, or other hazards from above, you need a hard hat, and you can order one from us today.

Types And Classes Of Hard Hats

Hard hats are classified into Types and Classes, based on their level of protection and what they provide protection from.

There are two types of hard hats:

Type 1

Type 1 hard hats reduce the force of impact from objects falling on top of the head alone.

Type 2

Type 2 hard hats reduce the force of impact from objects falling on top and from the side of the head.

Any hard hat you buy is either Type 1 or Type 2.

There are three main classes of hard hats:

Class E Hard Hats

Class E hard hats are non-conducting and provide protection from electrical hazards, including high-voltage shock up to 20,000 volts.

Class G Hard Hats

Class G hard hats are intended for general use, providing protection from falling objects, as well as limited electrical protection, from low-voltage shock up to 2,200 volts.

Class C Hard Hats

Class C hard hats do not provide any form of electrical protection and are strictly to provide protection from the impact of falling objects.

Any hard hat you buy would belong to any of the three classes. The kind of job you do would determine the type of hard hat you need.

Whether you want a Type 2 hard hat or a class g hard hat, we have just what you need. No matter your profession or the kind of hard hat you want, you can always find what you need on our site.


What Type Of Hard Hats Do Electrical Workers Need?

If you work around electrical facilities or are often exposed to electrical hazards, then you need class E hard hats as they provide protection from high-voltage shock, up to 20,000 volts. Working around electrical facilities can be very risky, but by wearing a class E hard hat, you can be better protected while you work.

How Can I Select A Good Hard Hat?

When buying a hard hat, the first thing to consider is the kind of job you do, which would determine whether you need a hard hat with electrical protection or not. Also, consider whether you need protection from the top or the side. This depends on the kind of job you do and what direction hazards could come from. Another thing to consider are the features you want with it. Some hard hats come with sunglasses, shade for additional protection, headlamp, and other similar features.

On our website, we display the features and other information about each hard hat, so you can make the right decision when buying.

Do You Sell Other Safety Equipment And Accessories

At UrSsafeRite, we sell a range of safety personal protection equipment and accessories. From workwear, to safety boots, to accessories like earmuffs, safety glasses, and so on. We have all that you need to protect yourself when on the job. You can order for yourself or for your team. We take all orders and deliver to you anywhere you are in Australia.