Mongrel Boots

Mongrel Boots

Safety at the job should always be a priority for you, and one way you can ensure this is by wearing the right workwear - which includes the right work boots. If you work outdoors or in tough work environments, such as construction sites or a factory, you need the right boots that would protect your feet, but also allow you to move about with ease. What you need is a pair of Mongrel Boots.

More Than 90 Years of Protection

Mongrel Boots are made with high-quality materials and world-class technology and design that make them able to withstand the harshness outside while being comfortable for the wearer. As a brand, Mongrel has over 90 years of boot-making history. Mongrel boots have been used by Australian workers since 1930, and it provides them with protection and safety, allowing them to carry out their tasks with peace of mind.

Original Mongrel Boots At UrSafeRite

Here at UrSafeRite, we sell original Mongrel work boots for Australian workers who want more comfort and safety on the job. You no longer have to worry about hazards at the job site as the strong rubber soles of the Mongrel Boots would help to keep your feet safe, allowing you to walk about and do your job with peace of mind.

Free Delivery Around Australia

Wherever you are in Australia, you can order your Mongrel Boots from us and have it delivered to you. We offer free shipping within Australia for orders above $100; we also have a 30-day return policy. We offer prompt delivery for in-stock goods as well as express delivery for orders above $19.95.

You can check our website for a complete size guide to allow you make the right selection for your boots.

Mongrel Boots Are Made With High Quality Materials

Everything about the Mongrel Boots reflects how much thought and innovation was put into constructing them. For over 90 years, Mongrel have mastered the craft of boot making, allowing them to claim the spot as the best boot makers in Australia. The boots are made using genuine leather, or materials like suede and nubuck. They have boots with various types of fasteners, including side zips, laces, and elastic.

Strong Soles to Protect Your Feet

The outer soles of Mongrel work boots are also of top-quality. They are made from rubber and are very tough as well. The soles are oil, acid, and even electrical hazard resistant. They also come with the Airzone Comfort System, which provides a cushion for the heels.

Further, Mongrel offers the Roller Sole Technology, which ensures safety and comfort for the wearer. There are a wide range of Mongrel work boots fitted with a range of outer soles. The innersoles are made using a foam material and fitted with OrthoTech Technology, which helps to absorb shock and reduce fatigue on the job.

Mongrel Boots are a wonderful blend of design, technology, and decades worth of innovation. They deliver a high level of comfort and safety.

Australian Workers Trust Mongrel Boots

For almost one century, Australian workers have trusted Mongrel Boots to provide them with safety and comfort on the job. This is why they remain a favourite for many till this day. As an Australian-owned brand, Mongrel Boots employ innovative technology and local manufacturing to meet the peculiar needs of the average Australian worker. This is why the boots can adapt to the tough work environments around the country.

Wearing Mongrel Boots on the job is a sign of professionalism and a respect for quality. You can carry out your job well, knowing that your feet are given the best protection possible.

Benefits of Mongrel Boots to Business Owners

As a business owner, providing your workers with Mongrel work boots and other safety gear would keep them safe on the job and save you from liability as accidents would reduce significantly.

At UrSafeRite, you can trust us to provide you with all the safety gear and accessories you would need. We have quality workwear, boots, safety hats, etc, - everything you need to provide you or your workers with safety on the job. We sell a wide range of products from various brands, both local and global. Check out our online store today to find what you need.


Do Mongrel Boots ALWAYS Feature Correct Quality Materials Required For Safety?

Yes, Mongrel boot boasts of correct quality materials, both on the inside and outside, to provide not only safety but to also make you feel comfortable when wearing them. The boots are made from leather upper grades matched with premium rubber soles. The sole designs created with traction provide the perfect grip, so you can move freely on various surfaces.

Mongrel Boots are one-of-a-kind and the perfect match for the rest of your safety gear.

Are Mongrel Work Boots Safe For Electrical Workers

Mongrel Boots come with electrical hazard resistance, which makes them appropriate for electrical workers. Bef0re buying, be sure that the exact boot you are buying are electrical hazard resistant.

What Is Your Return Policy?

At UrSafeRite, we have a return policy that allows for free returns within 30 days. You just have to notify us about your intention to return the boots within 7 days of delivery and have it returned to us under 30 days, before we can make a refund. We can also exchange the boots or change the size if the one you initially got was a size smaller or bigger. You can check our website to find out more about our return/refund policy.

Do You Provide Delivery All Over Australia?

Yes, you can order for your Mongrel Boots from us and have it delivered to you anywhere you are in Australia. Delivery can take up to 5 - 7 days, depending on the part of the country you are located We also provide free delivery for orders above $100.