Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Accidents could occur at any time when working in an industrial workspace, such as a manufacturing plant or a construction site. There are so many potential hazards that workers need to be careful of, such as chemicals, electrical fittings, and other things that might be dangerous. If workers are not informed, they could come in contact with these hazards by mistake, and that could lead to injury, and even death in some cases. This is why it is very important that there are signs to warn or inform about the dangers that lie in a particular section of a workspace. For that, you need danger signs.

What is A Danger Sign?

Danger signs, also called hazard signs, display warnings in form of symbols and short messages, informing workers about a particular danger or hazard. The symbols on the sign would indicate the form of hazard they have to take note of, such as high voltage, flammable materials, or to keep off unauthorized personnel.

The good thing about danger signs is that the symbols are easy to interpret and are very self-explanatory. Also, not all danger signs are used to warn about impending danger. They can also indicate where emergency exits are, show the first aid box, or explain what to do in case of a particular urgent situation.

UrSafeRite Danger Signs

Having danger signs around the workspace promotes safety, as it prevents accidents and injuries from happening. Here at UrSafeRite, we sell different kinds of safety-compliant danger signs. Safety at work is paramount and danger signs are a good step in ensuring that your workers are safe.

Our website has a variety of these signs for you to pick from. These include high voltage warning signs, emergency exit signs, and much more.

Places That Need Hazard Signs

Danger signs are needed in the following locations:

  • Warehouse

  • Construction sites

  • Manufacturing plant

  • Electrical facilities

  • Stores

  • Offices

  • Sites with radioactive waste, and more.

They can also be placed on things like

  • Pipes carrying flammable liquids

  • Gates

  • Poles

  • Production equipment, etc.

Wherever there is likely to be a hazard or danger, a sign would be necessary to inform workers, and people in general, of the danger, so that they can take precautions as they approach it. Some hazard signs could also inform people that they need to turn back beyond a certain point, and the potential hazards that lie ahead.

At UrSafeRite, we have danger signs for your warehouse, industrial facility, other sites. We have signs with different symbols and messages that would help to make your work environment a much safer place.

Benefits Of Having Warning Signs In Your Workspace

Warning signs or danger signs are vital for the following reasons:

Prevents Accidents

Warning signs prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Signs that inform of danger ahead, slippery floor signs, or high voltage signs could prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Gives Directions

Warning signs could also serve as pointers, such as indicating the emergency exit or where people have to converge in case of fires or any other emergencies. Without these signs in place, people would not know where to go or how to act when such emergencies occur.

Provides Information

Another thing about danger signs is that they provide short, helpful information, such as indicating where the fire extinguisher or first aid box is located, or if smoking is not permitted within a space. It may also inform people if they are not allowed to go beyond a certain point, if a room is for only authorized personnel, or even the content of a pipe, box, or barrel.

Prevents Liability

As the owner of a workspace, putting danger signs where they ought to be could protect you from getting sued or being liable if a worker gets injured on the job. The signs would make your workers aware of potential hazards and restricted spaces. If someone has an injury while walking without safety boots in a place where you have a sign up saying they are needed, you may not be held liable for the person's injury as you provided enough warning.

Keep your workers safe at work with effective warning signs. Browse our store today to pick the right danger signs.


What Do Danger Signs Do?

Danger signs contain various symbols and messages that provide warning about things like high voltage, flammable materials, fire hazards, compressed gas, slippery floor, and so on. They could also alert workers of the kind of clothes needed to enter a particular room or the emergency exit to take in case of a fire outbreak.

Do You Print Custom Danger Signs?

No, we do not print custom danger signs. We only sell danger signs with warnings on them, which we buy directly from the company that makes them. But we have an array of danger signs with different hazard warnings that you can pick from.

What Warning Signs Should I Use At My Workspace?

The warning signs you should use at your workspace depend on the hazards you are trying to warn against. For example, if there is a high-voltage electrical equipment around the workspace, you need a sign for that. If there is a slippery portion or a room that requires workers to wear personal protective equipment before entering, a sign that indicates that would be required.