If you are frequently purchasing a range of industrial safety gloves and not thinking about how they can be cleaned and reused … You are probably wasting money!

Our current programs are succeeding client expectations at 95% pass rates of laundered gloves and laundering up to 3 times prior to disposal. 

The result is reducing the per pair price dramatically and allowing teams to use the "Ferrari" of Gloves in the market increasing user Safety & Comfort. 

Glove laundering not only provides cost efficiencies through reuse of certain gloves, but it also reduces waste and the amount of soiled materials going into landfill.

URSafeRite can assist your business to measure and evaluate your usage of hand protection and to identify opportunities for glove laundering services to deliver added value to your workplace PPE program.

Our services can include collection of used gloves; sortation and identification of gloves requiring replacement; supply of replacements; laundering of suitable reuse gloves and delivery back to you. 

We can also manage other products such as respiratory equipment, gum boots and chemical suits. 

Contact URSafeRite today to talk with us about a glove laundering service for your workplace.