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Steel Blue Torquay EH Safety Boot 827539

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With a new look design the Torquay EH boasts innovative boot technology with a 200 joule safety composite toe cap and Mako Toe Guard for protection. This men’s 150mm derby, ankle lace-up style is a popular choice for Electricians, Refrigeration Mechanics and Power Operators. The stylish upper design features a scalloped collar for ease of movement and an industrial-grade zipper for easy on/off. The Torquay EH has a nitrile outsole heat resistant to 300 degrees, has electrical hazard properties and premium water resistant leather available in black.

Sizes 3-14 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)

Leather All Steel Blue boots are made from high quality, long-lasting leather, including Nubuck, Full-Grain, TECtuff®, Suede and more. Composite Toe Cap Non-metallic, electrically non-conductive toe protection. Airport Friendly Move through security environments without hassle. Nitrile Outsole Superior resistance to abrasion and heat resistance to 300°C.
Slip & Oil Resistance
All Steel Blue footwear is designed to exceed the Slip resistance requirement in both the AS 2210.3 and EN ISO 20345. Our boots are rated as SRC which means that the footwear has been tested in laboratory conditions on both a ceramic tile floor with a Sodium Laureth Sulfate solution (SLS) and on a steel floor with Glycerine. Electrical Hazard Non-conductive, offering secondary protection for accidental contact with live electrical currents. Water Resistant A special tanning process treatment means all Steel Blue boots are water resistant. Scuff Guard Additional protection for the toe area. Zip Sided Lace Up for comfort, then use the side zips for quick access. Lace Up A classic fastening for snug, well-fitting work boots.
Full Grain Leather  Full Grain is a waxy style Leather that is generally considered as the highest quality Leather. Our premium Full Grain Leather is ethically and environmentally sourced from members of the Leather Working Group (LWG). SpacerMesh® LiningSpecially selected to suit this work boot, SpacerMesh® Lining is a soft material that wicks perspiration away from the foot, enabling the skin to remain cool and dry. Ortho Rebound® Footbed Our patented Ortho Rebound® Footbed is uniquely designed to reduce foot fatigue. Made from high quality Polyurethane, it always retains its shape and thickness to ensure support from heel to toe, is antifungal, and the high wicking material keeps your feet cool and dry. Poron Strategically placed high-tech Poron® pads are placed in the sole and under your foot’s peak stress areas. We included Poron® in our Trisole® Comfort Technology, which is now the benchmark for safety boots.