Actichem Spray & Wipe RG755
Actichem Spray & Wipe RG755


Actichem Spray & Wipe RG755

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The Actichem Responsibly Green Spray & Wipe is designed to be used as an all-in-one Bio-cleaning concentrated cleaning product ideal for multi surface use. It is formulated with active surfactants and natural powerful enzymes that are septic safe and non-toxic for the environment. Spray & Wipe is designed to provide residual cleaning action even after the cleaning application has finished. The powerful enzymes eat up organic matter and stop the bacteria growth on the surface, hence killing the source of the odour itself.

  • Green colour 
  • pH 9.5
  • Crisp Lime fragrance 
  • Non-hazardous
Available as
  • 1 Litre
  • Carton of 3 x 5 Litres
Dilution Ratio

1L - 1:5 to 1:10
5L - 1:to 1:10

Lightly soiled surfaces: Dilute 1:9 (100ml/Lt)
Heavily soiled surfaces: Dilute 1:4 (200ml/Lt)
Autoscrubber: Dilute 1:80 (12.5ml/Lt)

  • Boosted with Elimotech enzyme technology to continue cleaning after your work is done.
  • Powerful germ killing action.
  • Cleans, refreshes and eliminates organic waste.
  • Digests organic matter at the source.
  • Destroys bad odours.
  • Anti-resoiling technology means that surfaces repel dirt.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Spray & Wipe is ideal for all hard surfaces, including walls and floors. It is suited for use in a spray bottle or mop bucket. Regular use eliminates the need to use harsh, deep clean chemicals.
Application Areas and Surface Suitability

Kitchens & Washrooms

  1. Use Spray & Wipe diluted 1 part with 9 parts water for general cleaning.
  2. Apply with a spray bottle or scourer sponge.
  3. Wipe or rinse with clean water.
  4. Allow 10 minutes dwell time if effective sanitation required.
  5. Use Spray & Wipe mixed 1 part with 50 parts water for mopping floor tiles.


  1. Mix Spray & Wipe 1 part to 9 parts water for spray ‘n wipe tasks in all general housekeeping applications.
  2. Mix 1 part to 50 parts water for floor mopping.
Focus Conservation Species

The focus species associated with Responsibly Green Spray & Wipe is the African Leopard family.

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